When my son Josef was in 2rd grade, his school teacher wanted to put him on Ritalin, because he was not focused at school.  I refused to put him on any type of drugs.  I told the teachers that they were probably too boring for my son. 

I decided to take Josef to Gail for tutoring. Josef was being tutored by Gail from 2nd grade through 6th grade.

Josef loved going to Gails because the atmosphere was full of other students being tutored. Where there was a flat surface, there was someone there writing. Gail made it fun and exciting for Josef to learn.  She would even bake cookies and have snacks for everyone.

Josef is attending the University of Arkansas.  Majoring in Mechanical engineering and computer science. His 1st year he had to goto school via computer because of covid.  During this time, he would help his classmates by tutoring them via computer on the subjects of Calculus and Chemistry.  He is now a sophomore.   For the past 3 semesters, he has obtained a 4.0 grade. (See enclosed letter)  He has made the Chancellor List 3 times.

The University even hired Josef to tutor college kids in Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. 

Recently, he was just accepted into a summer program to research Nanotechnology along with other students and professors.  To get into this program was not an easy task.  First, you have to maintain a high GPA and get recommendations from your professors.  Then the board would decide who gets the honor to join the team.  Plus, they will pay him $ 6000 and free housing for the summer program. 

I am extremely proud of him and his accomplishments.  

The main reason for this letter was to tell Gail the reason why Josef is so goal oriented and why he loves to study and tutor is because of her.  She made an ever- lasting impression on him.   Gail made it so much fun for Josef to learn and taught him on how to study and exposed  him at an early age to a positive environment with other students wanting to learn. 

Thank you Gail.

Dale Frankhouse

Gail Young has tutored my 3 children through some of their most difficult times and struggles. She has helped them through middle school and all through high school with so much passion and care.

She helped my oldest get through some of his most challenging times with such tenderness and a way of truly helping him to understand the fundamentals of each obstacle.

Gail truly has been a angel to my family in ways she probably has no idea of. My children have flourished in thanks to her wisdom, kindness and patience.

I can’t recommend her enough or say enough wonderful things about her, except that I am forever grateful.

Best regards,
Brenda Lytell

Gail Young is an exceptional tutor!

My daughter was in the 9th grade when I was referred to Gail. Vanessa received tutoring for geometry and algebra. She was getting a” D” when I first brought her to Gail and after 3 months, she was getting A’s and B’s in geometry. Vanessa continued to see Gail all through high school for math. She also prepped my daughter for her SAT’s, and she earned a high score.

Gail meets the child at their level and is very engaging with kids from all ages and backgrounds. Vanessa still keeps in contact with Gail to this day.

If you would like to speak with me, you can reach me any time on my mobile at 949- 500-8970.

With gratitude,
Karen Rager

Gail is an amazing tutor. After struggling to teach my daughter to read and worrying that she would fall behind in kindergarten, I reached out to Gail. Not long after, Gail taught my daughter to analyze and sound out words phonetically. She taught her all of the sight words for kindergarten and then moved on to teach her all the sight words for first grade. Over time, I started to see my daughter develop a love of reading and to become proud of what she’d accomplished.

Gail is patient but also knows when to challenge a student. Most importantly, shows so much love for her students. She is always thinking of ways to improve my daughter’s education. She has been a tremendous teacher for my daughter and a great resource for advice for me. I’m so grateful to have her in my daughter’s life!

Suzy S.

Our Son was struggling in high school, losing confidence and his grades were dropping. We had the good fortune to be referred to Gail Young. Gail tutored our son throughout high school and later in Jr. College. Gail is patient, kind and a wonderful tutor and she loves her students. We are forever grateful for all the time Gail spent with our Son.


I have know Gail for 50 years when we were neighbors. My children were very young when we met and when found out that she had been a teacher in New York for many years and now she was tutoring. I asked if she could work with my children as I felt they needed extra help in several subjects which the school did not provide. My children met with Gail twice a week at the beginning and as time went forward I met with my childrens teacher in school and they were very pleased at their improvement . I attribute their improvement to the excellent job given by Gail. I continued with the touring . After a conference with Gail she suggested that they go only once a week to see how they wound do, which impressed me because I’m my past experience the last tutor wanted to increase the days. I feel that after my conference with their teacher and knowing the improvement they made I would stay with her in as so much that my granddaughter also went to Gail. I highly recommend her, very professional and most important very honest.

Margie Broderick