Gail Young Tutoring offers educational private tutoring to meet all the needs of Kindergarten through 8th grade students.

Here are some example of the subject areas:


Gail is a credentialed learning specialist. She can teach your children to learn to read, or improve their reading, at any age. Her unique methodology is based on observing the barriers to children’s learnings– whether they are cognitive, social, psychological, or motivational– and creating a curriculum to address those needs. Her style of teaching inspires children to love learning to read. 


Many children struggle with math because they haven’t been taught math in a way that is practical and allows them to enjoy learning. Through math-based games and rewards, Gail specializes in teaching your children how to learn math by enjoying it. 

General Education for Children with Learning Disabilities

Children with learning disabilities are often left behind in the classroom, leading them to struggle and lose their motivation to learn. Most teachers and tutors don’t know how to develop a teaching style that is tailored to the needs of children with learning disabilities, to help them learn in the style that they need to succeed and enjoy the educational process. Gail has expertise working with children with learning disabilities, including help children with ADHD, dyslexia, and autism-spectrum disorders.